Wellwet Foot Care Cream 50ml

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The problem that’s most often encountered by pedicure professionals is the coarse, stiff skin on the heels of the feet. Products from our new Wellvet Foot Care series solve this problem. People have known about the healing properties of deer fat for a very long time. This cream also contains allantoin (extract of calcinacea), which contributes to the rapid regeneration of the stratum corneum, activates the protective functions of the skin, relieves irritation, and has an antibacterial effect. The cream also contains sweet almond oil to soften the skin, and green tea extract, which acts as a powerful antioxidant. Through the combination of all these ingredients, this cream will leave your skin feeling smooth as well as quicken the healing of any wounds and cracks in it. Wellvet Foot Care Cream should be applied at the end of your pedicure, and is recommended for daily use

  • Softens skin irritations
  • Works with compatible allantoin cell regeneration
  • Reduces the formation of cornea

    Application: Apply the cream to the skin and gently massage feet.

    Tip for best results: Clean your feet thoroughly, use peeling,
    cream and finish off with Wellvet foam from Catherine.