The Final gels from Catherine are used for reinforcement and moderate nail tip extension and are sealed according to customer requirements. Suitable for everyone who wants to emphasize the natural beauty of the nails. Shiny for women, and matt for men. The result is thin, durable nails with a scratch-resistant surface.

All gels from Final group do not require filing.



Before the typical Final customer converts something into action she is planning and analyzes each step to the smallest detail, because that gives her security.
Does she have children, they showered them with care and planning and their growing up before meticulously.

By courage, Miss Final distinguished not necessarily that is why she avoids experiments. Diplomatic and also very discreet, she is a sought-after counselor.
Because it is otherwise rather reserved, they may well come across as cool and arrogant, what it is actually not at all.

In job Miss Final easy juggling schedules and lists, and when they go on holiday, it combines quality and effectiveness, as well as the best weeks of the year, will bring more possible than mere recreation.