Master gels are the latest addition to the Catherine gel families. They are particularly strong and keep the tunnel shape. The master gels are ideal for new style modeling. The shaping and the optimally worked statics make the nails modern, thin and yet particularly stable. They are perfect for switching from acrylic to the Catherine gel families.


Normal is not possible for Miss Master. It has to be modern and extravagant in all situations in life, through which she strolls confidently as a trendsetter. She is a connoisseur, likes to invest a lot in her appearance, when it comes to cars nothing beats Porsche or Jaguar.

In short: she likes to surround herself with things that others cannot afford.

Miss Master is a doer, sometimes overshoots her goal and is quite willing to take risks. She has good leadership qualities and confidently faces even the greatest challenges. If she wants to take a deep breath in her restless life, then please in the most exclusive wellness temple in the city or, even better, on the 5-star luxury island.