Our Best Gel  - medium - Test kit
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Our Best Gel - medium - Test kit

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    Medium-viscosity modeling gel in Test kit. Five colors in test size of 5gr. 


    Our Best Gel - the new eco package from Catherine and the best gel we've ever had! Our Best Gel promises extreme durability with absolutely gentle adhesion. It has perfect flow properties and runs smoothly on the surface, so filing is not necessary. And should the file ever need to be used, this is done more easily and quickly than with previous generations of gels. As a result, a lot of time is saved in everyday studio work. No more heat development during curing! Absolutely sustainable!

    You only buy the empty outer packaging once, i.e. the gel jar, which is filled with the replaceable refill inserts. You benefit from price savings and at the same time do something good for the environment. Once you have a jar, all you have to do is buy new refill inserts.

    • unbeatable price
    • gently
    • extreme durability

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